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cello left for italy .. =( .. it was sad and he didnt wanna go. but thats dumb cause who doesnt want to go to italy. <333

sO later that night me and kegan went tanning and then went home and got dressed and went to the battle of the bands. everybody was there .. like people i havent seen in years, but you know me and kegan we had to get wrecked sOoo .. i got a bottle of limon and he got a liter of vodka and he killed 1/2 the liter and i killed the bottle and we went in and we got busted. but the whole time i wanted to kick isis' ass but i couldnt find her until i got out of the office. carly and linsey were backing me up and it had to be the funniest thing ever cause i was plastered. but it was fun and i would love to kick her ass again. =)

tonight cj picked me up from my house with jerry, joe, and kegan and we went to dannys and i was there until i left to smoked with cj and then piara picked me up and we went out to eat with phil at fridays. then i came home .. and then jen picked me up later and i went over to dannys and chilled there with everyone and watched this really sick movie called kent park or something like that. then we chilled and i was going to go home but half way there cj called me and asked me to smoke with him and benadetta sO we smoked near my house and now im home. stoned. bleh.
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i dont really read your journal anymore but after having 5 people iming me n telling me.."omg did u read what lauren wrote about youuuuu?!!" i had to.im not gona sit here & make fun of you & insult you & all that stupid crap bc that would just be pointless n immature.but if you call giving someone a bloody nose "kicking some ass",then what do you call giving someone a busted lip & a swollen cheek ?seriously,also keep in mind that you're like twice my size & im not even trying to make fun of you.

I just wanted to let you know that you're just wasting your time talkin all that crap about me with your friends & talkin about how you're gona kick my ass because i dont care at all.you're not someone that i care about enough to let it bother me.seriously.if you hate me,you hate me.im not gona fight you either b/c then that would just be stooping to your level.You think that the old entry on my journal was about you;it wasnt.I seriously forget you exist until someone brings you up or something.I dont hate you.I just strongly dislike you but that entry wasnt about you.also don't say that you couldnt find me b/c i was outside for awhile with keegan n victoria n u saw me.Then later on i was by the door n u were outside n u looked inside you n u saw me.im not trying to start anything i just dont understand why you would say you couldnt find me,when u did.
& you're probably gona say something stupid n keep dragging this on but im done with this & im just going to comepletely ignore & you can do the same or keep being obsessed with hating me & telling everyone how you want to kick my butttt.

you're right .. cause you're still alone.


February 20 2005, 22:52:22 UTC 12 years ago

wtf.does it really matter if she is alone or not..!!!