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livejournal sucks ass.

but i am home and very sick so i have nothing else better to do. i have some infection in my stomach and intestines and all that other shit sO i got my job back today and had to leave cause i couldnt move. it sucks balls. it's getting so nice out recently. i'm so happy. this should be a really good summer. i want it to be. chill with everyone and go to the beach and shit. and actually be going out with cello cause we have like this summer curse thing. we never go out in the summer time but i have been perffeccct this time and everything is good so .. i hope everything stays the same<3 tomorrow is the 13th and me and benedetta are gonna go to cj's house and make breakfast. i can't eat it but im going to make it for everyone else. it should be fun. cello can't come cause he has school though. isnt that cute? ahh

thanx to my sickness i have lost 7 pounds in the last week. =D
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